Hello, I'm Subbu.

I'm on a mission to improve how we manage ourselves, thereby improving how we work with and lead others at work.

To accomplish this mission, I'm offering my time for free to coach individual contributors and managers. Through these sessions, we will discover ways for you to manage yourself better.

I began coaching in November 2021, and since then, I have worked with over 30 people from tech companies like Amazon, Angi, Capital One, Expedia, Google, Intuit, Lyft, PayPal, and Workday. While I can not guarantee positive results, my goal is to help you discover some "aha" moments.

If you are interested, send me a direct message on twitter or LinkedIn about your interest. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. I will then ask you to submit a brief writeup answering a few questions. We will then work out a calendar schedule for three sessions.

In return, I ask you to parter with me to make charitable contributions. Here is how it works. You contribute at least 300 USD (or some moderate amount for non-US participants) to a charity of your choice and share the proof with me. I will then match your contribution by donating the same amount to a charity of my choice to double our impact. I consider this effort successful when I can no longer afford to match.

I do my best to provide a safe space during our conversations. Our sessions will be completely confidential. You and I agree not to disclose the contents of our sessions to anyone without explicit consent from the other.

Talk soon!